MARL Animals Adopted in 2020


"Adopted Apollo September 27th! He is the sweetest boy that absolutely loves everyone especially his two year old human"


"Bruno became a Johnson almost a month ago! We love him!"

Cinnamon (Sara)

"Cinnamon formerly known as Sara was adopted in January"


"Henry adopted 12/22 and enjoying the joys of relaxation on Christmas!"

Sadie (Harriet)

"Harriet now known as Sadie is well loved too!"


"Wilson has brought so much joy to our home. We love him beyond words"


Snorkel went home on Christmas Day, 2020!


"Cassy enjoyed her bath today! She is the best!!!"


"Ahhhh!!! Sassy says hi to her sister and that she is living her best life also"


"I rescued Bo back in March! He's the happiest and goofiest friend I could ask for."


"We adopted Jack in April on this year!"

James Potter (Cobra)

"James Potter (previously known as Cobra) on the right is extremely loved!"

Jango (Carl)

"Jango (formerly Carl) was adopted October 3. He has brought such adventure to our lives! He is so spunky and so sweet. Thank you, Michigan Animal Rescue League!"


"Kashi, adopted 9/1/20"

Little Dude & GG

"Little Dude (2018) & GG (2020)"


"MARL alumni Mocha relaxing in front of the wood stove after a big day of walks through the fields at the in-laws family farm in Jonesville, MI"


"Loki was adopted back in March. He's lost over 25 lbs, had surgery to fix his eyes, and now he's the happiest, snuggliest one of our pack!"

Marly & Rocky (Appa & Aang)

"Marly and Rocky (previously Appa and Aang) were adopted in June. They are so funny together."


"We adopted Max in September. Sometimes we forget he's 14!"

Moby (Licorice)

"Moby (previously Licorice) loving his first Christmas tree"

Rosie (Vera)

"Rosie formerly known as Vera from March 2020!"

Sosa (Xavier)

"Sosa (previously Xavier) loves hanging out with his new big sister Callie!"

Gracie (Duffy)

"This is Gracie (aka Duffy) from Annie's litter. We absolutely love her"

Tucker (Peace)

"Tucker (Aka Peace) enjoying his new toy Christmas morning!"


"We adopted Laney August this year. She has some challenges, but is certainly well loved."

Bella (Belinda)

"We adopted Bella (previously Belinda) in July. She is super sweet and a wonderful companion. Since joining our family, she's lost 10 pounds and is full of energy!"

Tucker (Puddles)

"Tucker aka Puddles!"

Tyson (Figaro)

"Tyson (aka Figaro) loves belly rubs and long walks! And enjoys a comfy nap on the couch!"

Max (Benji)

"We adopted Max (formerly Benji) in March and he is such a blessing!"


"We adopted Pearl a little over a year ago and she's living a good life and loved very much."

(Pearl was adopted before 2020, but we love her so much we had to include her anyway!)

Kylo (Canteloupe)

"Kylo AKA Canteloupe living his best life. Loving going to school and playing with other dogs!! He is the snuggliest most loving boy! We just love him!!!!!"

Finn (Forest)

"Finn AKA Forest from the F litter loves spending time outside and snugging on the couch with his other siblings"

Kenobi (Lyle)

"Kenobi, formerly Lyle (pictured on the right) is loving life! He especially loves his sister Skylar and is a big fan of snuggling!"

Buddy (Adam)

"Buddy (formally Adam) picked us in August and has helped us through the loss of our beloved Bella. Buddy loves learning and playing and we love him!"

Teddy & Tom (Romeo)

"Teddy, puppy adopted in November, with his cat buddy Tom (formerly Romeo) also adopted from MARL in 2018. Happy New Year and thanks for all you do!"