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AVAILABLE FOR: Adoption | You can see Bloopers at our Pet Smart Adoption Center in Northville.

BORN: March, 2014

SEX: Male


MARL ARRIVAL: March, 2022 | Bloopers was found all alone outside.

BACKGROUND: Bloopers was found outside and came to us with some bad skin issues. He had flea bites and mats all over his body. He has beautiful long grey fur, but unfortunately it had to be shaved off in order to treat his skin issues. We anticipate that his fur will grow back with no problems! Bloopers loves people and getting pet and talked to. He has no teeth as his last few had to be removed recently. He eats extra canned food to make up for this. Bloopers truly is a beautiful cat with a heart of gold. He'll make a wonderful friend for his new family! You can see Bloopers at our Pet Smart Adoption Center in Northville. In order to meet with him please fill out an application first.

MEDICAL NEEDS: Bloopers has been diagnosed with FIV. This means he is more susceptible to some feline illnesses. He can still live a long, healthy life. He doesn't require any medication or special treatment - just regular trips to the vet. FIV is not transferrable to dogs or humans. FIV cats can live with other cats if they get along. FIV can only be transferred from cat to cat by a deep bite wound. Don't be hesitant to give an FIV cat a home. They have tons of love to give!

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