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AVAILABLE FOR: Adoption/Foster To Adopt

BORN: December 2017

SEX: Female

BREED: Basenji/Boxer Mix

WEIGHT: 37 lbs.

MARL ARRIVAL: Jenna was brought to MARL as a stray.

BACKGROUND: Meet Jenna! If there is a phrase that describes Jenna fully, that phrase would be "center of attention!" Jenna absolutely loves every single person she meets, and is happiest when she's included in anything and everything you're doing. A social butterfly, she greets everyone with hugs and kisses, and is sure to brighten up your life in these dark times. If you've been searching for a friend to get you through quarantine, then look no further because Jenna is the one for you!

COMPATIBILITY: Based on our evaluation, we feel that Jenna would do best as the only animal.

MEDICAL NEEDS: Jenna had luxating patella corrective surgery, and is currently recovering. Jenna will need to be kept on exercise restriction until cleared by MARL medical staff. If you have questions about Jenna or her medical treatment, please give our front office a call at 248-335-9290.

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