Meet me



BORN: January, 2020

SEX: Female


MARL ARRIVAL: January, 2021 | Snowy was given up by her owner.

BACKGROUND: I bet you're looking for a regular ole cat to be your friend. Well you should probably keep looking because I am NOTHING like regular cats! First off let's just get this out of the way - I'm beautiful! I mean really, have you even seen such clean bright white fur? I am packed with so much personality my little body can hardly hold it all! Sometimes it comes bursting out and I zoom across the room and back just for the heck of it. I love pouncing on toys and letting them know who's boss (... me of course...). I love being around people and will hang out in the office here in the shelter just lounging on desks or shelves. I'm very decorative! You can pet me and tell me what a good girl I am. Sometimes when I've had enough attention I'll let you know with a nip. Hey - I can't talk so this is the next best thing. It gets the point across! I am very much against the existence of other cats and dogs too. They should just all go away as far as I'm concerned. I've spent some time outside and decided that I like it! So I've convinced my friends at the shelter to make an exception and let me go to a home where I can live safely inside AND outside. I'm a smart and fun girl and I'm hoping for someone nice to make me their very best friend soon! Snowy sure lives up to her name. Just look at that beautiful coat! She came to us expecting kittens and went into a foster home to raise her babies. She is a beautiful snowy white along with patches of tabby. She is not a fan of other cats, so she's living it up in our office area! She loves to walk around exploring, look out the window, and come visit us for pets. Snowy is mostly sweet with a dose of sass! She's very social and likes to hang out with people and "help" you with your work! She will do best without small children in the home. Snowy will be a happy girl when she finds her forever home where she can be the only pet and get all the love and attention for herself!

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