Written October 24, 2019 by Natalie Broda for the Oakland Press

The Michigan Animal Rescue League has received an anonymous $1 million donation to help support its expansion and renovation in Pontiac.

The animal shelter broke ground on a new 15,000 square-foot facility over the summer that will be three-times the size of its old building. The $6 million shelter will include new walking trails for dogs, custom-built cat housing and animal enrichment rooms. It’s part of a $12 million capital campaign by the organization to enhance its services.

The anonymous donation was submitted to the shelter as a challenge gift, meaning that all donations made to the campaign will be matched dollar-for-dollar with the $1 million until Dec. 31. The campaign has raised $6.2 million since 2017.

“This anonymous donor is directly investing in the lives of the at-risk dogs and cats in our community,” Magee Humes, executive director of the Michigan Animal Rescue League, said. “This campaign will have a huge impact on our community. It will not only enable us to build a new shelter, but allow us to reach more animals, expand our outreach program, and ensure that we will be here saving lives well into the future.”

Those interested in donating the campaign can contact Humes at 248-778-5351 or mhumes@marleague.org.


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