On June 20th, two beautiful Italian Mastiff puppies were brought to MARL in a box. They were completely unsocialized and had never experienced human contact.

We noticed right away that the male puppy had a leg abnormality. His paw was very large, and he did not seem to have great balance when walking.

Named ‘Claude and Monet’, these pups immediately stole our hearts. Though they were very scared and nervous upon intake, it didn’t take long before they started to open up and let their puppy personalities shine.

It wasn’t long before Monet found a wonderful, forever home. Though Monet was adopted quickly, Claude was still waiting to find his perfect match.

At 10-weeks-old, Claude already weighed over 17 pounds! If you looked up Claude’s name in the doggy dictionary, his picture would be underneath the definition for ‘goodest boy’.

Claude had been a favorite of our staff and volunteers since he arrived at MARL. He was incredibly friendly, loved other animals and gave the best kisses around!

All Claude needed was a home as special as him.

We are happy to announce that Claude found his forever family on July 31st. His new owner reports that he is happy, spunky and incredibly sweet – no surprise there! He is getting around just fine and is looking forward to a lifetime of happiness in his new home.

Way to go, Claude!