Elsie arrived at MARL on March 2, 2017.

With her signature snuggles, constant smile and laid-back personality, it is no wonder she quickly became a favorite of our staff and volunteers!

During her stay at MARL, Elsie went on numerous outings, enjoyed lots of walks with volunteers, and could often be found lounging on the comfy couch in the shelter socialization room.

In our eyes, Elsie was the total package!

Finally, a family of MARL volunteers decided they couldn’t pass this sweet girl by.

She was adopted on September 9, 2017, and has been living comfortably in her new home ever since.

Elsie pops in every once in a while but she makes it clear that she is only stopping in for a visit!

Here at MARL, we believe that the quality of the wait can make all the difference for the future of an animal – Elsie’s story is no exception.

“We love our Elsie-poo to pieces! She is such a sweet, goofy and lovable girl. We learn something new about her every day. Our hearts are full!” – Brenda Gordon

Way to go, Elsie!