Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a physical ticket for Yappy Hour?

No! The ticket reservation form will ask for your name, which will be added to our guest list. Our wonderful team of staff and volunteers will find your name once you arrive and welcome you in to the event!

Does my dog need a ticket to come to Yappy Hour?

Nope! All furry friends are invited, free of charge! We do ask that dogs stay on a leash during the event and are up to date on age-appropriate vaccines.

What is a “Best Friend Ticket”?

The additional price of a Best Friend Ticket is an extra donation to the shelter. This is a great option for people who want to attend Yappy Hour and show some extra love to our cats and dogs!

What accommodations will there be for dogs?

MARL will have bowls of water placed around the event for our four-legged guests. We will also have volunteers stationed at the restrooms to hold your dog for you while you use the restroom.

Is Yappy Hour outdoors? What happens if it rains?

Yappy Hour is an outdoor event with the exception of restrooms inside Meadow Brook Hall. In the event of rain, Yappy Hour will take place under Meadow Brook Hall’s outdoor tent. Tickets are non-refundable for the reason of weather.

Can I attend the VIP Reception preceding Yappy Hour?

This intimate reception is by invitation only. All sponsors at the Loyal Friend ($5,000) level and above are invited to the VIP Reception. We appreciate the support of every sponsor and guest at Yappy Hour. However, this reception is a special way for MARL to say a personal thank-you to our biggest sponsors!

My sponsorship includes an invitation to the VIP Reception. Are my guests invited too?

Every complimentary ticket included in your sponsorship is invited to the VIP Reception. If you have additional guests you would like to invite, please contact Megan at and we will do our best to accommodate them.

When and where is the VIP Reception?

The VIP Pre-Glow Reception will begin at 5:30 PM in the Pegasus Garden at Meadow Brook Hall. The Pegasus Garden is immediately adjacent to the Rock Garden where Yappy Hour will be taking place. There will be signs directing you to the VIP Reception when you arrive.

My sponsorship includes complimentary tickets. Are these for guests in addition to myself?

No. Every guest, including those who are sponsors, needs a ticket to enter Yappy Hour. For example, a couple purchasing a Party Animal sponsorship that comes with one complimentary ticket would still need to reserve a second ticket for both to attend the event.

I’m a business interested in having a booth at Yappy Hour. How can I make that happen?

Every business or organization sponsor at the Best Buddy ($2,500) level or above is invited to have a booth at Yappy Hour! Sponsors at the Top Dog ($10,000) level and above receive a premier location separate from the rest of the booths. Click here to learn more about our 2021 sponsorship opportunities!

Tell me more about having a booth at Yappy Hour!

Booths will be under 10′ x 10′ tents, which can be provided by the sponsor or by MARL. The space under that tent is all yours! MARL can provide one 8′ banquet table and/or a tablecloth upon request. Sponsors are welcome to sell products or services at their booths, but we do ask that all booths bring something pet-friendly to give away to guests for free. Booths will not have access to power or WiFi due to this being an outdoor event.

What safety precautions will be in place for COVID-19?

MARL will follow all COVID-19 safety measures recommended at the time of our event. As we are unable to predict what the pandemic will look like in the Fall, we can’t yet say exactly what those measures will be. Please know that the safety of our guests will be our top priority.

I saw that Yappy Hour may go virtual if we cannot gather because of the pandemic. When would this be decided?

MARL is carefully monitoring the pandemic as it plays out throughout this year. If we have to transition to a virtual event, it would most likely be announced in the late summertime. Our Yappy Hour webpage will always have the most up-to-date information on the event.

What would make MARL decide to turn Yappy Hour virtual?

A government-issued order prohibiting us from gathering is not the only thing that would make Yappy Hour go virtual. We will carefully consider government-recommended safety measures, estimated attendance, Meadow Brook’s capabilities and procedures, the trends of other groups and events, and more.

What happens to my ticket or sponsorship if Yappy Hour goes virtual?

Every person who has purchased a ticket or committed to a sponsorship will be contacted immediately if Yappy Hour goes virtual. Ticketholders and sponsors will be offered the chance to convert their ticket or continue their sponsorship for the virtual event or request a refund.

I usually attend Yappy Hour but I’m just not comfortable coming this year. Can I still support MARL and the animals?

Yes! We completely understand that some guests may not be comfortable attending a live event just yet. You can still support MARL by making a donation, joining Team Cat, or purchasing a luminary to be displayed at Yappy Hour.

Have a question that wasn’t answered? Contact our Event Coordinator, Megan, at or 248-706-6649.



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