Holiday Hope Catalog

The holidays are a time for hope, cheer, and thoughtful giving. While cats and dogs in homes are getting lots of treats and toys, we’re careful not to forget our residents here at the shelter! Shop below for symbolic gifts you can donate to the animals at MARL. Every donation added to your cart will help us spoil them the way they deserve!

$20 | Winter Wonderland Date

A favorite activity of MARL dogs is going on outings! Treat a pup to a fun day out on the town with a MARL staff member or volunteer. The agenda? Frolicking in the snow, meeting new friends at the dog park, window shopping, & picking out a new toy. Then they’ll enjoy the perfect end to a perfect day: ice cream!

$25 | Feline Fortress

Every kitty at MARL is feline royalty, and they require only the best furniture to snooze the day away in. Help stock our cat rooms with new cat towers, complete with purr-fect scratchers, dangling toys, and cozy hammocks! Cats will scout out their kingdom from atop these towers as they await a forever family to come rescue them.

$35 | Stock up the Ball Pit

There’s nothing MARL dogs (and cats) love more than a good romp in the ball pit! They can sniff out hidden treats, play with toys – it’s the perfect place to get that pent-up energy out. But too much fun can lead to popped or crushed balls…. and that’s way less fun to jump in! Help us keep the ball pit full and ready for playtime with new plastic balls!

$40 | MARL Brainiac bundle

Our dogs and cats all think they’re the smartest in the shelter… Test their smarts with a MARL Brainiac bundle! We’ll exercise their brain with puzzle feeders, hidden treats, new smells, and interactive toys. They’ll have so much fun with these brain-teasers, their new family will be here to adopt them before they even know it. On your mark, get set… go find your treats!

$50 | Snuggle basket

Even though we know MARL is a safe place where animals find homes, it can be scary for a new pet to arrive. They might feel uncertain of their new surroundings, and it helps to make their new room as comforting as can be. Give a MARL pet everything they need to decompress with new blankets, delicious treats, fun toys, and the coziest beds we can find. It won’t take long for them to find out they love their new temporary home!

$60 | Pawparazzi package

MARL dogs love going to events and meeting adoring fans! It takes the right tools to manage all that love and attention, though. They need bodyguards, refreshments, toys to keep them busy, and most importantly, the right outfit for the occasion. Get a pup all set up to win over a crowd with an “Adopt Me” leash, poop bags, water bowl, snacks, and chew toys!

$75 | Puppy Academy Classes

Learning how to be a good puppy is hard! You’re supposed to sit, stay, shake, and heel – how do dogs learn all this?! Help a MARL dog learn good manners so they can put their best paw forward when meeting potential adopters. They’ll graduate from obedience school and use all their best tricks to snag the perfect forever home.

$90 | A New ‘Do

Life outdoors can really mess up a dog or cat’s hairdo. All that mud and wind doesn’t exactly make them look like a superstar! Give a cat or dog the gift of a MARL spa day, and help them relax with clean fur, a fresh haircut, and perfectly manicured nails. They’ll feel like a million bucks, and you’ll feel like a hero for providing a much-needed makeover!

$100 | A Brand-New Start

Life can be rough on little kittens. Give an orphaned kitten the gift of a brand-new start with nutritious food, loving 24/7 foster care, vet visits, new playmates, and more. Your gift will be the difference between a kitten who’s lost and alone outside to one who finally knows warmth, a full belly, and the promise of a long happy life.

$200 | Woofs on Wheels

Every cat and dog deserves to run – after toys, to their humans, and to play with friends. However some pets are born with disabilities or endure injuries that never get treatment before coming to MARL. This gift will help us buy specialized wheelchairs and any other equipment necessary to let these animals run and chase again!

$250 | Golden Hearts package

We often find that our residents who have graying fur also have golden hearts! These four-legged senior citizens make the best companions with plenty of love to give. But, they also tend to need a little extra care when they arrive at MARL. Help us give an aging pup or cat everything they need to look and feel their best so they can find a great home!

$500 | Fresh Smiles & Pearly Whites

Give a cat or dog the gift of a healthy smile with a full dental cleaning and extractions. This important procedure does more than just give them fresh breath – dental health is vital to any animal’s overall well-being. A good dental can make a dog or cat feel a million times better and ready to greet adopters with a happy personality and a pearly white smile!

$750 | A Healthy Heart

Save dogs from the trauma of being separated from their families with the gift of free in-home medical care. Many dogs have great homes with families that love them, but they are surrendered to shelters when their family can’t pay for an expensive condition. This symbolic package will save the life of a dog AND let it stay with its family by covering the cost of heartworm treatment through MARL’s Outreach Program.

$1000 | Home for the Holidays

Sadly, many animals are turned away from shelters or are unnecessarily euthanized just for needing expensive medical care. Here at MARL, we believe that every animal is worth saving, regardless of their age or vet bills. This important gift will allow us to do any treatments, surgeries, or therapies necessary to nurse pets back to health and give them the miracle of a forever home.



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