Every spring they begin arriving at our doors. Bitty bundles of fluff, irresistibly adorable and tiny enough to fit in your palm. Sounds cute, right? The business of kitten season may be cute, but it requires immense effort, time and resources.

Oftentimes, kittens arrive at MARL without their mothers. Some are sick and full of fleas, and some are in immediate need of medical care. They may be found all alone outside, or brought to us by an owner with an unexpected litter.

The MARL staff and volunteers know that kittens can be at great risk, especially without their mother, so it is important to act quickly. In some cases, our care starts with an emergency trip to the vet. Young kittens require round-the-clock care that includes bottle or syringe feeding, bathing, close monitoring for weight gain or signs of distress, and lots of love and affection to reassure them that they’re in good hands. It can also include giving medication and teaching kittens how to eat from a bowl, which can be messy business. Some of these kittens have never experienced human interaction and they require extra socialization time to help them adjust to domesticated life.

The true heroes of kitten season are the foster families who give their time and energy to provide constant care. They understand how demanding this care can be, but they are ready to do whatever it takes to keep our finest and most fragile residents healthy and happy.

We strive to help every animal that comes to our doors, but we can’t do it without you. During kitten season our resources are especially strained by the level of care that kittens require.

When you support MARL, you are helping us provide the medical care and supplies necessary to get these kittens healthy and adopted. There are plenty of ways to help:

  1. Donate
  2. Foster
  3. Purchase Supplies
  4. Volunteer

Are you interested in adding an adorable kitten to your family? Learn more about our adoption process here.