A Note from MARL’s Executive Director:

Like everyone, MARL recognizes the concern regarding COVID-19 and its impacts on our community.

Our priority is to ensure the safety of the animals that we care for and that of our volunteers, staff and the community.

At MARL we are committed to doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Fortunately, our team is professionally prepared to deal with disease – we do it every day for the animals.  We are being extra diligent to disinfect public surfaces and we have several hand washing and hand sanitizing stations throughout our facility.

As you know, there are countless animals in the community who rely on MARL for life-saving care.  COVID-19 doesn’t change that fact.  Because of this, we do not plan to cease operations.  We can’t.  The animals need us.  But we will be taking significant precautions to keep our team and our community safe while we continue to care for the animals who need us most.

MARL will continue with business as usual in all areas with the following exceptions:

  1. We will continue adoptions but we will now do so by appointment only.  You can help us keep everyone safe by filling out an adoption application on our website (http://marleague.org/adopt/process-application/).  Once your application is received a member of our team will contact you to make an appointment for visitation.  This will cut down on extra foot traffic through our facility and help us control the number of people in our facility at any one time.  Adoptions are still important so that we can continue to place animals in great homes and make space for new animals who are arriving.
  2. We ask that you call before dropping off any donations of supplies so that we can provide you with temporary drop-off instructions.  The main number to MARL’s office is: 248-335-9290
  3. MARL team members who are not responsible for direct animal care are being asked to work from home.
  4. We are postponing all group events and gatherings.  Yappy Hour has been canceled for this year, and we will be hosting a virtual “Yappy Week” event beginning on June 1st instead. You can learn more about it here.

We plan to adjust the way we deliver our services as the evolving overall situation dictates and we will keep you posted as we do so.

MARL is here to serve the community and take care of our animals while doing everything we can to keep our staff, volunteers, and the public safe.

Please keep in mind that there is currently no evidence that pets can contract COVID-19 and be sure to include your own pets in your emergency preparedness plan.  We are all in this together and MARL strives to provide steady care to the animals who need us most during this time.

We appreciate and need your support more than ever and anticipate that need growing as this takes a toll on the economy and our community in the days ahead.


My very best,

Magee Humes

Executive Director